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"Operation Freedom Crossroads"

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What is Operation Freedom Crossroads?

"Operation Freedom Crossroads" is a projected tiny homes community devoted to veterans that have at one point experienced homelessness in Idaho. The goal is to provide transitional or long-term temporary housing for veterans, with the vision of them owning their own home in the future. In addition to, a community of resources, life skills, and more to ensure they remain on their feet long term. We meet virtually every month to discuss updates and future plan for the Tiny Homes Project. If this interests you, join our Tiny Homes Committee!


  • Provide Transitional Housing for Veterans Across Idaho


  • First house built by spring 2024

  • Build one to two tiny homes a year


  • Volunteers

  • Talents (Project Managers, Marketing, Superintendents, Contractors, Architects, Subject Matter Experts, etc.)

  • Building Supplies

How You Can Help

Tiny Homes Committee

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Tiny Homes Committee

  • Meets Virtually Every Month (Fill Out Interest Form for Meeting Details)

  • Involved in Planning Tiny Homes Project

  • Anyone is Welcome to Join!

Donations Will Help Support

  • Land Purchase

  • Project Costs

  • Feasibility Study

  • Building Supplies

  • Trailer for Tiny Homes Movement

Estimated Timeline


January 2024: Begin fundraising and finding partners/sponsors

March 2024: Begin meeting monthly and create subcommittees. Utilize subcommittees to brainstorm fundraising options

April 2024: Start locking down land and more detailed plan on beginning project 

March - September 2024: Find land, lock down sponsors, and have it ready for tiny homes being finished 

December 2024: First two tiny homes finished 


Try the New Freedom Crossroads Coffee Blend

Donations will be made for every bag sold thanks to our partners at Zero Dark Thirty Coffee.
This is a brand new blend and was made specifically for the Veterans Tiny Homes Project!

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  • Do I have to be a veteran or connected to the military community to participate in the project committee work?
    No, we welcome everyone and anyone with a passion and desire to support the work ahead over the next several years.
  • Do I have to have some level of experience, knowledge, or role in the community that would make me a great committee member?
    No, we welcome everyone and anyone with a passion and desire to support the work ahead over the next several years.
  • What is the timeline of the project?
    The Chamber hosted a kickoff meeting to announce the pre-planning phase of the Capital Campaign launch in January 2023. Monthly meetings to discuss current updates on the project progression will occur in April and May. The Pre-planning phase will end in May of 2023. In June, The Chamber will be standing up subcommittees to support the Tiny Homes Project Committee.
  • What areas of support will the Subcommittee be looking to fill?
    Administrative support, project coordination, marketing, building, in-kind donations, and fund development.
  • What is the time commitment to support the committee work?
    That depends on the level at which you would like to be involved with a commitment of 4-6 hours a month. It also depends on where you intend to support such as providing your time, giving your talents, or donating your treasures (contract support, materials, landscaping, etc.)
  • How often will committees meet?
    At the minimum once a month for 6-12 months with the potential to meet offline in between monthly meetings.
  • If my volunteer time, talents, or treasures are not needed immediately, should I still complete the survey now?
    Yes, as the project evolves, the more relationships we are able to establish from the beginning, the bigger our network of resources and services will be to lean on. This is an "All hands on Deck" Project!
  • Where will the Tiny Homes Project land be located?
    Southwest Idaho. We will be exploring other regions of the state in the near future.
  • How much money has been raised to date?
    $65,000. There are pending & projected submissions for grants/donations awaiting approvals with significant contributions along with in-kind donation commitments. Additional Fund Development options will continue to be explored through government and company grants/foundations that support community projects. We will also hold fundraisers throughout the year.
  • What if I decide after I fill out the survey and as the project progresses that I cannot be of support?
    We know that as we develop the project, priorities, opportunities, or time may shift and commitments could change, we completely understand.
  • What if I do not have the desire to serve on a committee for the project but want to contribute in some way?
    Complete our survey below and our project Chair and/or Project Director will reach out to discuss how you can support us without joining a committee.
  • Have a resource that you think will help?
    If you have an ideas for grants, land, labor, etc. Please email

Email Us if You Have Questions

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