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As a new non-profit (501c3) organization, we need your help in getting the services we are currently supporting and will continue to develop and deliver to our military and civilian community.


Your contributions, big or small, will directly impact the ability to support the Chamber in providing the following services, resources, and support to our Idaho and military community.

  • Keeping the membership FREE for our military community

  • Providing FREE navigation services for our military and Idaho Community

  • Delivery of education and awareness workshops

  • Expanding and growing our ability to serve the entire state.

We are a fast-growing organization. Your funds will help......

  • One more veteran or family member find a job

  • One more veteran or family member with home repairs or buying a house

  • One more veteran or family member to take advantage of education opportunities

  • One more veteran to find resources for health and wellness

  • One more veteran or family member to receive entrepreneurship resources and services.

One of the easiest ways for companies and organizations to support our mission is to become an annual member through our sponsorship program. 
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If you make an amazon purchase, it doesn't cost extra to have a certain portion of your purchases that you are already making to be given to your nonprofit of choice. 
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