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Shipmate Ambassador - Help Spread Awareness for the IDVCC all Across Idaho 

The Chamber’s Shipmate Ambassadors are a crucial group of professionals who volunteer their time to provide a vital connection between the Chamber and its members. As an extension of the office staff, they help to ensure that all members receive the maximum benefit from their investment. Ambassadors are at the core of the community’s business activities. They enjoy the rewards of making new contacts, strengthening relationships, and accessing a wealth of information and resources. Their primary responsibilities are to connect with new and existing members on a regular basis, promote the chamber and to assist the Chamber team with events.

Treasure Valley Ambassadors

Northern Idaho Ambassadors

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Ambassadors will be across the State of Idaho that will support their local veteran community to become more connected with Chamber and Networking Associations, groups, and organizations through advocacy.


Rules of Engagement

  • Be members of community networking groups or Chambers across Idaho

  • Create opportunities for collaboration and encourage membership and engagement of our business owners to become connected with their business community

  • Veteran or Spouse Advocacy on local business advisory boards, city, and county economic development spaces, and much more

  • Represent the Veterans Chamber and support Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

  • You do not have to be a military member, veteran, or family member to be an advocate. Must have a passion to want to bridge the gaps between the Idaho and Military Communities across Idaho

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