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Veteran & Spouse Small Business Week

From: Office of Governor Brad Little


Brad Little, Governor of Idaho, has named November 6th - 11th as Veteran & Spouse Small Business Week. This is a great opportunity to show support and celebrate the Idaho Veterans community!

Here are some ideas for getting involved this Veteran & Spouse Small Business Week:

  1. Shop Locally: Seek out veteran and spouse-owned businesses in your community. Whether it's a restaurant, a retail store, or an online shop, choosing to spend your money with them can make a big difference.

  2. Spread the Word: Use social media and other platforms to highlight these businesses. Share their stories and products with your network, helping to raise awareness of their contributions.

  3. Attend Events: Many communities organize events and fairs during this week to showcase veteran and spouse-owned businesses. Attending these events not only supports them but also gives you a chance to discover unique products and services.

  4. Mentorship and Collaboration: If you're an entrepreneur or business professional, consider offering your expertise as a mentor or exploring collaboration opportunities with veteran and spouse-owned businesses.

To see the Official Proclamation from the Office of the Governor Click Here

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