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Idaho Veterans Chamber of Commerce Named Awardee of Workforce Innovation Grant

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NOVEMBER 01, 2021 (208) 917-9977

Idaho Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce named awardee of Workforce Innovation Grant

BOISE, Idaho – In October 2021, the Idaho Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce was announced as an awardee of an Innovation Grant through the Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund by the Idaho Workforce Development Council.

The Innovation Grant totals $282,000 over 2 years allows the Chamber to fund their Workforce Management Navigation Services Model. This model will help bridge the gaps between the Idaho employers and military job seeker communities. This will break down barriers to discovering the talent pipeline and develop a better understanding of how to seek veterans and their families to help fill gaps and alleviate the workforce shortage. Furthermore, the project will build partnerships and relationships within Idaho communities that will break down silos and create enhanced collaboration, enabling both employers and military communities to navigate towards each other, saving time, and providing job placement opportunities.

“We are excited to take the ‘Good Idea’ to the next level and fully launch our workforce management navigation network hub and services throughout the State of Idaho in the next 2 years and beyond! We have established a solid foundation with our committees and through the work of our interns and volunteers. We have worked tirelessly to strategically align to support and bridge the gaps in the workforce between our Idaho community and military community,” Executive Director Dr. Mindi Anderson said.

The veteran community, including currently serving Idaho Guardsmen, is one of the largest underserved populations in the State of Idaho. This is due to a lack of awareness regarding navigating to the employer community, an inability to translate their skills, and difficulties in discovering the opportunities that are available to combine apprenticeships and education with workforce initiatives (via the strong partnerships that have been established over the last year). This innovative focused effort will strategically prepare the Chamber to fully serve the workforce in Idaho for years to come across the State of Idaho.

About the Idaho Workforce Development Council, an independent office under the Governor was established in October 2017. The goal of the council is to champion the development and implementation of a statewide, strategic workforce development plan that meets industry needs now and in the future. To learn more about the Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund grants, visit

About the Idaho Veterans Chamber of Commerce, the vision is to bridge the gap by building strong sustainable partnerships deeply rooted within the civilian and military communities through collaboration and connection. We will build and maintain partnerships & relationships with businesses, agencies, associations, organizations, and nonprofits to provide pathways for veterans, military serving, and their families to find the right resources every time. To learn more and register as a veteran and family employer, visit


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